How To Create A Strong Essay Title On Racism In The US

Discrimination against others on the basis of race has been a problem from the early days of humanity up until the present time. Within the United States of America, the depth of this problem is perhaps becoming more widely known due to the presence of social media and digital cameras on smart phones. These allow anyone to report their struggles. As a student, this also gives a great deal of source information if you intend to write on the topic. If you want to come up with a strong title, the tips below may help:

Consider the diversity of the problem

The United States is a nation with many races. Conflict does not occur only between two of those races and it can take many different forms depending on the community and the person. Try not to get so blinded by the enormity of one side of it that you forget that there is still more. Not all victims looks the same.

Bear in mind the sensitivity of the topic

Race is an issue that can get people very angry very quickly. You will need to be very careful with your phrasing not only in the title but throughout your paper. Some words that were once standard are now considered somewhat offensive while others are obviously inappropriate and should not even be considered.

Consider how well the resultant essay can be written

A great topic can provide you with the start you need but if you cannot follow through, the paper will fail. Look for potential barriers to completion: are you sure that all your sources will speak to you? Do you have access to the statistics you need. If you don’t, your great title may end up being a curse to you.

The following are a few examples:

  1. Are students marginalized based on ethnicity?
  2. Has the prison complex been designed with the intention to ensnare black men?
  3. Are gun ownership laws biased against people of color?
  4. Have stereotypes significantly affected the chances of Asian actors in Hollywood?
  5. Are African American women pressured to chemically alter their hair for acceptance in the workplace?
  6. Does white privilege exist?
  7. Why are immigrants of color rarely referred to as ‘expats’?
  8. Is Affirmative Action fair?
  9. Should people be allowed to adopt less discriminated against ethnic identities?
  10. How destructive are racial slurs?

These are just a few options. Brainstorm more in your free time.