Argumentative Essay Topics For Kids, Subjects To Stay Away From

When you write an argumentative essay example for kids, there is certain subject matter that you should avoid. For instance you probably do not want to write about sexual subjects or topics that are overly complex. It is a much better idea to write about topics that are interesting and appropriate for young children. Good examples of argumentative essay topics for kids may be about the environment or ethical behavior.

The reason why it is ill advised to write about sexual topics should be obvious. Even an argumentative essay about whether or not homosexual couples should be allowed to marry, could be too advanced for young children. Even if they understand the basics of what is being discussed- the topic may be confusing or too complex for kids to fully understand. Even in this day and age where most children know what being gay is, they may not understand the legal and social implications that coincide with a discussion about gay marriage.

Better topics to use as an example of an argumentative essay topic for kids are debates about things like global warming, or animal testing. These are topics that are interesting to learn about but can be simplified for a young audience. Kids often, relate and feel enthusiastically about subjects that involve animals or the outdoors. They will likely have there own opinions on these subjects, and can construct an appropriate debate.

What makes this type of subject matter better for argumentative writing for young people is that no matter what side you take or how deeply you delve into it, the research examples are still age appropriate. You don’t have to worry that while researching an argument about animal testing that a child will stumble upon something that is unsuitable or ideas that are to mature. However, there is room to construct an educational debate on these subjects and plenty of interesting resource materials out there for you to use.

As an adult coming up with an argumentative essay topic for kids to study isn’t the easiest task. The best way to approach this type of assignment is to attempt to think like a child, and tap into some of the innocence that kids have. You still want to be informative and provide an interesting debate. However, you don’t want to get into subject matter that is somewhat taboo or illicit.