How Has Traditional Marriage Changed Since The 60s

In the 60s all marriages were considered traditional for the most part. The women stayed home and the men went to work. The men dealt with the money and the women handled the house and any children. Now things are done differently. There is more than one way to have a marriage now. Some marriages are still much like they were in the 60s but for the most part they are much different now. So what other kinds of marriages do we have in society today? How are they different from the traditional 60s marriage?

Now some families do thing differently. One way is that the woman works and handles all of the money while the man stays home to take care of the house and the children. This is much more common now that it was back in the 60s if it existed back then at all. More and more women want careers now and the family has to adapt. A lot of men are happy to raise the children now. It is no longer viewed as just a woman’s job to raise a child or do house work or even to cook. Some of the best chefs today are men.

Many families have spouses that both work and they use babysitters, nannies and scheduling to take care of their children. They take turns with all of the different responsibilities that both men and women traditionally take care of and they share in them all together. This kind of marriage is very common these days. Many think that the children suffer when both parents work but the studies are unclear on the subject. These marriages are often happier than those with one working spouse because they are both fulfilled.

In the 60s there were also much lower instances of divorce and therefore many less blended families as well.

Getting married to a person with a child changes the marriage itself because now you have an instant family. These marriages work differently than the traditional kind because with your own biological children you instantly know where you stand when it comes to discipline and other parental duties. With someone else child that you are making your own that is far less easy to instantly find the balance. Often times the non-biological parent does not know when or how to discipline the child. It makes the marriage different because the family itself is different. There are many different kinds of marriages now. While there used to just be the one traditional kind, people have evolved to make each marriage what they want it to be. It suits their needs whether is considered traditional or not or even right or not.