How to Write an Essay on Politics that will Impress the Reader

How to write an essay on politics that will impress the reader? This is a touchy subject, which makes it a hard one. Even if the writer is sure of their facts, they can turn as many readers away and they attract. Thus trying to impress all readers is impossible. The trick is to work on impressing the readers that agree with the writer’s point of view. And here are some tips on how to do just that.

  1. 1. Accurate Facts
  2. 2. A solid outline
  3. 3. Resource Quality
  4. 4. Background Research
  • Accurate Facts
  • Facts, facts, and more facts! Any political paper needs to be filled with solid facts. Every statement needs to be backed up, and resourced properly. Any informed reader will look for holes in the work, so there can be none. Yes, this is hard, but politics is such a touchy subject, that hearsay cannot be there. If the student writes something, it has to be solid, and as such irrefutable. But do not worry, someone will challenge it, this is the nature of politics.

  • A Solid Outline
  • Because of the very nature of politics, the more sound in form and function the article is, the better. To achieve this, a solid outline is needed. Once the outline is set, go over it, and look to see if it can be improved. Do it once, and then a second time. Will the introduction grab the reader. And then make them want to read it? Will the body be strong, and cover the right areas properly? Will the conclusion leave them sated, or questioning? Sometimes questioning is good, but make sure the reader will be asking the questions the writer wants asked.

  • Resource Quality
  • Be sure of the resources used. They need to be qualified resources. Does the writer have experience in either politics, or political writing? Are their sources, solid, or are they word of mouth? If they are interviewing, what are the types of people being interviewed. A man-on-the-street interview is good for some things, but be very careful of them in a political paper. What are the qualifications of their interviewees? These are some of the questions to ask when looking at resources.

  • Background Research
  • To put any of this into motion, a good background research need to be done. Because the information has to be directed in the right direction. The last thing the writer wants to do, is write an article on say, federal health care, and answer questions on health care economics.