How to Find Free Essay Samples Online: Tips and Tricks

Schools to an outstanding job in teaching students how to write every type of essay correctly. This being the case, there are still some students who fall through the cracks. Some students might slip up or for whatever reason, they're not able to complete their essays.

In cases where they're not able to find tutoring or get the help they need, they can turn to the internet to get essay samples online that will give them a better idea as to what their essay format or style should be. Provided are some tips and tricks to finding those samples.

Searching The Web

Using search engines is relatively easy to find the right information using keyword searches. However, beyond that, services that have essays will likely require some level or registration as there are reasons to protect the work from copyright theft. Here are some tips on where to find these samples online.

  • Essay Writing Forums
  • Online Encyclopedia
  • Online Journals

Essay Writing Forums

Many sites and services that store and create essays for students will likely have forums where they provide free essay samples or links to sites depending on the type of essay the student needs. Searches are narrowed down with keywords

Online Encyclopedias

These are group sourced reference sources that will display samples for free of styles essay formats with hyperlinks to other formats if they're included. The process is very thorough and generally shows the information in a linear format that walks the student through.

Online Journals

These journals are separated depending on the topic. Very few of them are free but some do have a small registration period of limit where the student can see a select few uploaded essays as free samples.

Hard Search

Just because the internet has made it easier to find things doesn't mean they are always easy to find. As mentioned before, most sites protect their essays. A lot of times this means that the student will only find an abstract summary of the paper and would have to pay to get the rest. Free essays can even be found on content mill sites, which isn't always recommended but there are writers there who cannot help but follow the standard essay format in which case, though a bit of a stretch, would serve as a sample. If the student is going to use any of these in their paper, beyond learning the style, they must follow all citation requirements provided on the site.