Yesterday in the news paper about four out of ten news on a single page was about accidents caused by drunk driving. A truck driver crashes a car having four members of a family. A van jumped over the footpath and injured two beggars lying over there. It is a matter of perplexity that the person who is sitting on driver’s seat has no responsibility of another person on the road. Moreover he has no love for his own life. That drunken driver is not aware of the severe consequences of this serious issue.

Drunk driving has taken many lives till now and will take many more. No doubt people especially young adults have become more aware about the hazards caused by alcohol but progress is very slow.

If anyone is driving under the influence (DUI) it can have serious effect on senses. Many people die or get serious injuries in different countries each year. DUI of alcohol causes serious collisions on road due to which many drunk drivers are arrested and have to pay penalties. Latest statistics says that DUI is the cause of death of about 40 people under the age of 25 every hour in road accidents around the globe. WHO revealed in its first global status report on road safety that drunk driving is a main contributing factor in road accidents.

According to drunk driving law the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in India is 30ul per 100 ml blood. If BAC values are found to be more than this limit it comes under criminal offence. The speed of entry of alcohol in blood stream depends on various conditions like drinking alcohol with food or on an empty stomach. Even rate of absorption is also affected if the person is tired.

In India alone death toll rose to 14 per hour last year. According to NCRB (National crime records bureau) total number of deaths every year is due to road accident has now passed the 135,000 work. An article in ‘The Hindu’ states that with in India 1.34 lakh road accidents and 70 percent of these is due to drunk driving. Prince Singhal a social activist and reformer from CADD (Community against drunken driving) find out that alcohol is available on National and state highways 24 hours a day and this is the reason for about 72 percent of accidents on national highways.

Drinking and driving must not go together. Drinking and driving is an international problem which causes many deaths and miserable life due to daily mishaps on roads. This problem must be addressed immediately as it is causing darkness in someone’s life and also pushing their family members into the darkness of mysterious, debilitating and untreatable Pain.