Submarines and their functions

The term "submarine" means a comparable large watercraft, operated by a human crew that is capable of underwater operations. Though the submarines were invented much earlier, they came to their wide use only during the World War I. During the World War II submarines were in possession of almost every country that has access to deep seas. Only several decades after people began to use them for civil purposes.

Using submarines in a course of war gives a serious advantage to the side that owns it. The most valuable feature of a submarine is that it can come near certain marine and land objects completely unnoticed and carry considerable firepower, which brings high damages to the opposite side. They were also used for underwater mine-laying. The triggers were put close to water surface, creating a danger for all the passing watercrafts. On the other hand, counter-submarine equipment requires a lot of funding and capabilities. The most widely used technique is to percept the reflection of sound. However, this instantly makes the position of the aircraft known to the submarine crew, which makes preventing submarine attacks almost impossible.

Nowadays submarines are widely used for civil purposes. Though most of the submarines, existing today are military, some watercrafts were changed in order to be able to suit the needs of peaceful years. There are possibilities of a submarine tourism, which will allow the visitors either to enjoy the beautiful views of the deep sees and oceans in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere or relive the war years and fell how it is to be a part of a submarine crew during the World War II. Also submarines are used for the exploration of deep seas. With the help of submarine crews it is possible to inspect oil and gas platform and carry out pipeline surveys.

Technology has also allowed submarines "swim" not only in water, but under ice as well, with the ability to surface through several feet of ice, giving the scientists the possibility to explore the areas that cannot be reached by aircrafts or ships. The first such operation was known as early as in year 1903, when a submarined surfaced through the ice near Rhode Island.

Submarines usage is a great advice to how the technology can be widely used both in military and peaceful functions. Moreover, with the flow of years, when there is no great need of military usage of submarine, we can look at a positive tendency of the increasing of civil usage of submarines.