How To Choose Good Topics For An Illustration Essay: Free Advice

An illustration essay illustrates how something works or operates. You have to be careful to make this type of paper interesting and to avoid it being too stiff. If you simply describe the steps or methods the topic employs, the paper could get very boring. As you prepare to make an outline and then write one of these pieces, use the following free advice for choosing a good topic.

Free Advice

  • Do not Get Too Technical
  • As you write your paper, do not get so detailed and so technical that you lose your reader’s interest. You are illustrating something by suing words, but those words must be carefully chosen and carefully used in the paper.

  • Be Careful of Subject Jargon
  • If you title has specific jargon and terminology that the average person does not know, you are going to have to define those words and explain those concepts. You have to do so, without boring the reader. Make sure you do not overwhelm the reader with too much jargon. Only use the words necessary to understanding the concept.

  • Include Background and Unusual Facts
  • In order to entertain and to inform your reader, look for unusual background and details to include in the paper. As you look for these fun facts keep in mind that they must be relative to the point of the paper. Don’t include it unless it has a purpose.

  • Appeal to Your Reader’s Interests
  • You can explain a tough concept and illustrate a process without boring or losing your readers. You must find some point of the topic that the audience can relate to and connect with. If you are explaining the inner workings of a cell phone, the paper could get boring. But if you can relate this topic to the fact that most people use or have sued cell phones then you have just connected the audience. Connectivity with your intended audience is very important.

As you look for good topics for an illustration essay use our free advice. Do not get too technical in the paper, be careful of suing too much jargon, make sure to include background and interesting facts, and always appeal to your readers’ interests. If you are able to do all of these things, your composition will be an A+ paper that is entertaining and informative.