Good Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

When you are selecting a persuasive essay topic, you want to make sure that you pick one that you are passionate about because that will come across in your writing and make your essay better.  Another thing you should think of when selecting the topic is can I persuade my reader with this topic.  You don’t want to make them believe what you think but you want to have them think about your idea after they have read your essay. 


  • Should student be allowed to have their cell phones in school?  This topic is great because everyone has cell phones these days, kids as well. Should we let kids have them in school?  Sometimes they have been used to call for help in an emergency but is this the only case cell phones are allowed to be used. 
  • Should student get money for getting good grades?  Many studies have shown that people do better when they are getting paid for something.  Getting good grades is the same, students might do better in school if they know they will be getting money for it. 
  • Do you think college athletes should get paid?  College sports are broadcasted just like any other professional team and they get paid, why shouldn’t college players too?  You can take this either way because most college athletes do get scholarships for playing sports.
  • Should kids over the age of 13 be allowed to see R rated movies in the theaters?  This subject could go either way, you could argue about the kid’s maturity or lack thereof to see the movie. 
  • What should be the legal age to start working?  Some might think that kids should be allowed to hold a job at 14 but others might think that it is too young.  What are your thoughts on the subject? 
  • Should state college allow students of that state to attend for free?  College is expensive and if you could go for free, would you go?  I’m sure the answer is yes but you could take it the other way as well.
  • Are DUI laws too lenient?  Driving impaired is dangerous and you are not only putting yourself in danger but the people around you.  This is where you can argue if you are for or against the DUI laws.  
  • Students have a dress code, should teachers also?  This topic could be used to argue about uniforms for the teachers if the students already have to wear them.