Interesting Essay Topics: Writing On Computer Games Industry

The computer games industry generates billions of dollars of sales every year. Not only have the games themselves become a huge success, but they have also created many spin-off industries. Perhaps the largest hardware and game console producers is Microsoft, but the mobile computer gaming platform giants are Google and Apple.

Computer games are wildly popular around the world, with the U.S., Japan and China leading the pack in terms of how much their citizens spend on gaming hardware, software and accessories. You should have no trouble finding a fascinating topic that relates to the computer gaming industry. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

The History Of The Computer Games Industry:

  • When did computer games first get developed? You could explore the technology that allowed for the development of computer games, or approach the topic chronologically. Start in the 1970s (or earlier, or later!) and document how the industry grew into the global phenomenon it has become.
  • What kind of games were developed first? Have the games changed over time? How about the characters?

The Popularity Of Computer Games.

  • Where are computer games the most popular? What age groups spend the most time and money on computer gaming? Are different games popular with boys and girls; or men and women?
  • Do our game preferences change or stay the same as we get older? Are certain kinds of games more (or less) popular in different countries or cultures?

The People Behind The Development Of The Computer Games Industry

  • Who were the men and women responsible for developing the technology and the ideas behind computer games? Who is the most influential person in the industry?
  • Role-playing games have become one of the most popular kinds of computer games in recent years. Who develops the characters?

Recent Advances In Computer Gaming

  • What does the future hold for fans of computer games? You could explore the demand that is coming from the consumers in the market. What does the public currently seem to enjoy the most, and want to see more of?
  • What has been the most significant advance in the industry in the last year? Which company is considered to be on the leading edge of computer game development, and why? Will computer games fans live to see a Star Trek style“holo-deck” hit the market anytime in the near future? Perhaps someone has already developed it!