A List Of Funny Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Discuss

Making comparisons is an art which flows in our veins. Whenever we see a Lionel Messi; we bracket him with Maradona. We begin to discern traits of Madonna in every wannabe singer. This is how we are made.

Similarity and difference

This is also how compare and contrast essays are made. Two elements; two extractions are placed side by side and then the comparison or contrast begins. Of course, the elements and extractions should be common to each other in the basic precept. You cannot compare pepper with gold.

Here is a list of 10 funny compare and contrast essay topics

  1. 1. What makes one person chalk and the other cheese? – Chalk and cheese are of the same color and yet they are meant to assign qualitatively different definitions to two distinct individuals or things. Why?
  2. 2. Compare the comic styles of Joe Pesci and Jim Carrey – Both actors are extremely funny and have brilliant comic flair and timing. Compare in your essay.
  3. 3. Women attires: Comparing today’s fashion-mongers with early women; their fascination with fig leaves – For today’s women; less is more when it comes to cloth. This is much like women of Iron Age. Capital!
  4. 4. Contrast the common fascinations of a rich kid and a poor kid – It is funny how poor kids scream out for diametrically things than a rich kid. Make the essay funny.
  5. 5. What are the basic contrasting points between lesbian sex and gay sex? – Both are same-sex; the former involving two women and latter two men. Discuss in your essay.
  6. 6. Why do we keep comparing strong women with Margaret Thatcher? – For Indians, it is Indira Gandhi; For Myanmar people; it is Aung San Suu Kii. The comparison comes naturally.
  7. 7. Patriarchal society vis-à-vis matriarchal society – Create a funnily articulate essay about what disasters may happen in both societies and how may the latter operate.
  8. 8. Comparing the by-products of Capitalism and Communism – While there are takers for communism, many countries have also adopted Capitalism. Discuss and compare.
  9. 9. Comparing the mindset with which liquor is treated in African countries and Asian countries – African countries are quite okay with liquor while for many Asians, it is a taboo. There is also a perspective change in the mindset in these two regions. Assess.
  10. 10. Contrasting provocative films from aesthetically erotic films – Discuss in your essay how a movie is called provocative while another sexually-oriented movie is called aesthetic.