Finding Good Topics for a Narrative Essay

When you are writing a narrative you should think of it as a story. Your job is the narrator and you need to tell a story. These essays are often quite personal and anecdotal. They give you a chance to express yourself in a creative fashion. When writing a narrative essay consider the following:

  • Because you are writing the narrative essay like a story you have to include the standard parts to a story. You need to include the introduction as well as the plot and the characters. Your essay needs to have a setting. There should be a climax. There also needs to be a conclusion.
  • If you are not writing your essay like a story and instead are presenting it like a book report you won’t need to follow this but you will need to provide information for your reader in some fashion or another.
  • Your essay needs to make a point. It needs to have a thesis. Make sure the reader knows why you are narrating.
  • Make sure you have a clear point of view when you are writing. You can write from your point of view or from the point of view of another character involved in your story.
  • Recognize that unlike most academic writing this particular essay style welcomes the use of “I” and first person.
  • When you are writing your narrative essay make sure you are organized. You need to maintain clear organization the same as you would for any other type of paper. Make sure you have an introduction which hooks the reader and sets up the tone for your paper. Make sure the reader knows the purpose of your narrative. Do not leave them to guess. Also remember that as the writer you are in control so you can lead the reader anywhere you want within the story. Use this to your advantage.

Here are some of the most popular topics for essays that you might choose to write.

  • First day at a new school
  • A moment that you finally found some success
  • A journey that is memorable
  • A large misunderstanding you may have undergone
  • Difficult decisions you had to make.
  • Days you decided that you were going to change your life.
  • The trip that you took that you had dreamed of.