What Are Some Good Persuasive Essay Topics?

A good persuasive essay topic is something you know well enough to persuade the reader’s opinion. There are different topics that can be a challenge when many people feel differently about it. A good persuasive topic is something you can follow with plenty of facts and credible information. You need to be able to present your information in a convincing way that would make others see things from your perspective. The more you know about your topic, the more likely you are able to persuade readers to see things your way. To help you come up with some ideas of your own review the following topics:

  • Cheating. Is cheating really a bad thing? Are more students cheating on their work in order to obtain success?
  • Drug testing. Should schools conduct drug testing on students? Should kids even be the subject of a drug test? Should this be a requirement for job seekers?
  • Standardize tests. Is it necessary to spend an extended amount of time preparing for them? Why do some feel we should get rid of them?
  • Social networking. Do people really spend too much time social networking? Should what you mention on your social network page be used against you when it comes to your job? How should someone be punished if they are caught cyberbullying?
  • Cellphones. If they cause cancer why are people still using them? Should kids have a cellphone? Can a cellphone be educational with the right mobile apps? Are there too many cellphones available for purchase on the market? Do people really need to use cellphones at all?
  • The rich. Why are people hooked on watching them on television? Do they really see things differently from someone who is poor? Do they really have a different way of thinking from the average person?
  • Television and entertainment. Why are more people watching less television? Why is there reality shows that promote negative behaviors (drinking, underage pregnancies, telling lies, etc.)? When video games can be good for you. Should minors be allowed to play video games promoting violence?
  • Family issues. Should parents wait to divorce if they have children in the household? Do parents set higher standards for their kids than what kids set for themselves? Do parents have the right to spank their children when they do something wrong? Should a parent keep a secret about their child from the other parent?