Some Practical Steps on Writing a Winning Essay

Mastery in any field comes from hard work and proper practice. Even those who show a natural gift will need to polish their skills through effort to attain the level of skill to which they are capable. As such, the process of writing a winning essay can be broken down into a series of easy to follow steps. They are as follows:

Pick winning topics

A good topic is half the battle. You can compensate for a substandard topic if you have amazing skills as a writer but the need for this should be eliminated. Take the time to select the best topic possible. You can help yourself out by asking these three questions:

  • What does the teacher want?
  • What can I research in time?
  • What am I passionate about?

These questions are each important but in the event that you aren’t sure who will be grading your essay or what they want from you, question one is to be ignored.

Manage your time well

Few people realize this but deep inside nearly every procrastinator is a perfectionist who can’t stand to see the work finished poorly and wastes time planning rather than doing what needs to be done. This can lead to a panicked rush to complete an essay in an hour that was assigned months before. The finished product may not even be that poorly done but it could have been exceptional if the full time frame was used. Create an outline right after you pick your topic and assign time values to each part so you always know where you should have reached by each date.

Do the relevant research

Being a good writer means that you may be capable of literary alchemy in which you spin beautiful words out of questionable or absent facts. This may work in fiction but for nonfictional academic writing this comes off as substandard. Do your research so that all your points are well supported and avoid using words as filler.

Check for errors

Misspellings are easy to ignore if you’ve been looking at them for hours. Your mind may even correct them for you. This is why it helps to ask someone else to check your work for you. Similarly, if you have a style error that results from a strange speaking habit unique to you, this should be excluded from your writing.

By following these steps, you too can produce winning essays.