The Best Approach To Composing A Problem Solution Essay On Recycling

If you are trying to write a problem solution essay on recycling then you should take care of a few facts while writing the essay. Which writing essay on such topic you should first state the problems in the present system we have and then start writing the major facts that is the cause and the effects after writing a brief introduction.

Try to cover all the basic points in the introduction and then explain them in the body or the actual content. Having a thesis statement can be helpful. You should follow some basic things while writing essays on such topic.

Tips for writing essays on problem and solution

  • Keep it in your mind that if there is some problem you must have a solution, and if the problem is like a huge problem like saving the earth for next generation you obviously have some solution for that. So first state such problems and then go for the solution.
  • State the facts common people naturally do which causes such problems. You will see such things around us and put them in your writing as an example so that it gets attention of the reader. Like constant burning and replacing materials after usage causes lots of damage.
  • First of all choose the points you will describe and arrange it in proper way. Sketch out the whole idea and write it down before writing the main essay. Writing manuscripts before writing something helps you a lot mainly if you are beginner. After getting some experiences of writing you will not need them.
  • If there is any controversy in any kind of statement then you put both of the views and try to conclude with your own view like what you think people should do about this.
  • Try to state what the educated people are doing for the awareness of it and state the fact that what rules have been included and whether people are following it or not. State from the point of view of common people also whether it is possible for someone to follow the rules or not.
  • Write down a proper conclusion of the essay and give some extra points about the facts people should follow to do such things. Try to use small sentences and try to write point wise. Take up a problem and give its solution then go for the next problem and move on to its details.