A Great Tutorial On How To Use Quotation Marks In An Essay

As a student, you are often instructed by your teacher to use quotation marks in your essay. Even when you read a list of such discourses, you may have come across various quotation marks within the writing; but may have never thought that you will be asked to use quotes in your writing. You must learn that a quotation mark make your writing beautiful and give a matured and yet poetic feel. It will also make your writing look less amateurish and also great to hear if you learn how to use quotations properly.

In case you are wondering how you can put quotations in your discourse wisely, you must follow some necessary guidelines.

Steps to use quotation marks:

  • While you are using direct quotes from a person, you must put what the person has said within the quotation mark (“) which will be followed by the person’s name or the pronoun followed by a verb. For example, she said,”…”
  • If you can remember powerful or famous quotes word by word along with the specific punctuation marks, only then you should quote them. Otherwise, your teacher will cut marks for distorting a strong quote. If you are not confident enough, start the quote by the word “that” followed by the quote sans the quotation mark to maintain its authenticity. For example, He said that...
  • While you are writing on a certain topic, you must remember to begin your writing with a quote. This will help in captivating the minds of the readers. While you are given a topic to write, you must do thorough research to come up with a contextual quote.
  • While your writing is in progress, you can use a direct quote confidently within a sentence to make it sound meaningful.
  • Be careful while quoting dialogues. You have to put the exact punctuation to express the feeling, or else it will sound bland and meaningless.
  • Commas are a very powerful punctuation mark. Use it wisely while quoting something. It is also one of the technical aspects of the writing you must maintain.
  • Use single quotation when it will be required, especially when you are enclosing a quote within a quote or highlighting some keywords within the article.

These are the various useful guidelines you must remember while you are intending to put quotes in the topic you are writing for your essay. Borrow books from the library or look online how quotation marks have been used judiciously within the essay.