Composing A Great Literary Essay On Brave New World

Aldous Huxley is one of the leading writers in the world. He has composed a thought provoking novel entitled Brave New World. In this novel, he has showcased the terrific impact of the ultra modern science and technology. He creates a new world in which all humans will be ‘cloned with least presence of humanity, love and friendship. The Brave New World is the world famous novel which provides a heart throbbing message to the human representatives highlighting the negative influence of the advanced civilization to destroy the human society. Write the essay on the Brave New World bringing some unknown facts to do the analysis with the expectation of assessing the role of future generation to save the world from the destructive side effect of such revolution in the technology.

Write Argumentative Content on Brave New World

Your literary essay on Brave New World can be argumentative. Is it possible to materialize the theories of Bokanovsky to remodel the world? Podsnap process enables representatives of the Hatchery in Central London to clone humans. There will be no infection, disease and health hazard in the world. People will be manufactured in this ‘hatchery. There will be no class struggle as Bokanovsky will design the format of the new society in which there will be only five classes such as Delta, Epsilon, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The World State will be ruled by Alpha class which is considered to be the intelligentsia society. Other four succeeding groups will be inferior physically and mentally. Epsilons are laymen with low intelligence. So, your persuasive write-up will project the major areas of controversies. Will technology snatch the rights of humans to live peacefully in this world? Will doctrines of humanity be lost for ever making the humans giants without any emotion?

Evaluate the Purpose of Bokanovsky

The purpose of Bokanovsky must be evaluated through arguments and analysis. You should give your views and some powerful facts to restructure your argument to condemn the ill purpose of annihilating the world. What is the objective of the technology? Will it make humans robots who must be cruel, and barbaric? In Brave New World, readers get wild erotic flavor which is the only relief for futuristic cloned humans in the World State. Mustapha Mond visited the Hatchery to train children how to enjoy in the fountain of high eroticism. He is one of the World State controllers. He tries to remove emotions and natural love from mind of humans to end disputes. Argue bravely by giving your opinions about the approaches made by Mustapha Mond in this novel.

In the conclusion, mention the aforesaid thesis statement in simple language. Your opinions will help readers to evaluate Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley.