Brainstorming best college essay topics

Finding a topic online is nowadays not that hard. Academic help websites offer pages filled with topics for all types of papers and subjects. It seems easy: just open the first one and select. However, if you you’re your essay to achieve high standards, it will not really help. You can find thousands of topic lists and guidelines how to choose a correct topic on the Internet, but you will still most likely choose from what you have. One of the most important criteria of the topic is that you have to invent the topic yourself and then check if you can write something new on it. You must have personal relation to the topic, you have to care about it. Otherwise, you will have no interest in writing the paper and it will come out boring and usual. If you do not want to go the easy way and do not know, how to go the hard way, different brainstorming techniques will be of great help for you.

  1. Free Writing. The secret is to take a piece of paper, a pen and alarm clock or a timer, set the timer for a short period of time, for example, five or ten minutes and write. Do not stop, do not even think about what you are writing, just write down what you think about. Do not bother finishing the sentence if your thought is already gone and leave out the punctuation if you don’t feel like using it. Take a small break after the time is up and then come back and revise your thoughts. Anything falls to your attention?

  2. Associations listing. Write the first word that comes to your mind and then list all the personal relations the word has to your life. Think about what interests you the most regarding the concept and write it down. Think about some memories, connected to it or facts that made you think. If you are looking for a topic on a specific subject, make sure the word correspond with the subject. Then revise your notes: you will be surprised how wide one word can become.

  3. Noticing the details. This technique will take a lot of time and effort – you will have to stay concentrated all the time. Start to write away. Do normal things you do, just pay attention to each and every detail and thing you come across. Think which of them you to find more about.