How To Write An Argumentative Essay For 6th Grade Students: Basic Hints

6th grade students are just in the starting phase of testing their brains and cannot be expected to make much logical inferences. They are fine with remembering what is taught at school and accordingly tuning their assignments; but ask them to prepare a research paper and they will fumble.

The same pinch

They perhaps feel a similar pinch with argumentative essays. Now, these pieces want them to weigh the pros and cons of a topic and then take a side after due consideration. They cannot pick a side by instinct; for they will then find it hard to support their cause with logics.

Here is how you may help them with the piece –

  • Choice of topics – First, the choice of topic should be uncomplicated. They should not be burdened with topics that ask too much of them. Let that be flowing and seamless with their thoughts.
  • The Introduction – The first paragraph should give a brief definition of the situation and standard in relation with the topic. Give the information according to the capacity of a 6th grade student.
  • The weighing – You should trace the reason for the argument – Should this be done or not? You should strategically place the two sides of the decision; affirmative and negative. These will take different paragraphs.
  • An objective take – Each paragraph should come out as an objective take. Do not let personal prejudice hamper the scope of a paragraph. Any motion, however powerful, is bound to have a drawback. Any action, however sinister, is sure to have an upside. Look for it.
  • Placement of example – You may creatively place a real-life or a conjured example in favor of the topical theme; preferably in support of what you are trying to convey. Again, keep the example compatible to the kid’s standard and capacity.
  • The conclusion – Here is where you assert your opinion; suggesting you take this or that side and also mention why. You should make an endeavor to offer a stylized solution (within the kid’s capacity) if the topic is about a recurring problem. You should attempt to bring the essay to a definitive end with this paragraph.

Prod the kid

Ask the kid to go through the piece so that he understands and absorbs how argumentative pieces are written. In effect, he will learn about the art of dissection and inference about other pieces as well. Learning, in every true sense, starts at Middle School.