Useful Directions On How To Write A Good Essay About Yourself

So, you’re pretty confident about your academic writing skills and have plenty of experience composing great papers on a number of different subjects. But when it comes to writing an essay about yourself you find yourself staring at a blank page without knowing where to start. This happens to a lot of students and isn’t really worth the panic. If you need help in this area then this article should come in pretty handy in showing you to easily write a good essay about the subject you know best – yourself.

Coming Up with Some Good Ideas

More often than not you will get a list of assignment prompts from which to choose. If you are given the option to come up with your own topic you should consider coming up with something that is really interesting and unique from what other students may choose to write. Consider for instance, a trip to an unusual place or an experience that affected the way you perceive certain things about the world. Really, there are a number of possibilities that could all

Writing the Beginning of Your Essay

Remember that this assignment is asking you to discuss your life. Therefore, it’s quite appropriate to use the first person singular right from the start and throughout. Here are some simple but effective openings that should be quite familiar in most conversations you would have over personal correspondence:

  • “My name is John Smith, the most common…”
  • “When I was born…”
  • “My worst experience happened when I…”

As simple as these may seem, they immediately set the tone of your work and helps you get into the right mood to jump right into the main topic – yourself.

Incorporating Sensitive Subjects

If you’ve chose or have been assigned to write about a sensitive subject then you need to first think about your approach. For instance, say you want to write about an issue that brings up certain details that may point to people in your life that you would like to keep private. When this comes up you should recall that it’s okay to change details such as places, names, genders, ages, etc. in order to respect others’ privacy.

Composing an Memorable Ending

For most people, after coming up with a good beginning the hardest part to write is the ending. There are several reasons for this and one of the most popular is trying to come up with an end when one is fully aware that life isn’t over. The best advice for composing a memorable ending is creating a sense of closure to one chapter and hinting that a new chapter is about to begin. This leaves a lasting impression and makes your written work stand out from others’ work.