How To Start A School Essay On Honesty Is The Best Policy

It is not every day that you will be asked to begin a school essay on the subject of honesty, or it’s opposite. Nor is it an everyday occurrence for you to be told to explain what is meant by the idiom ‘honesty is the best policy.'

A rewarding policy

Writing an essay generally has its challenges but here the exercise and opportunity given to you is to turn this practice into a rewarding and enjoyable one. Combining both subjective thoughts and objective fact-based analyzes may be slow to begin with but, in the long run, it will not be a difficult exercise.

Firstly, take heart in this subject and embrace it. Take a vested interest in the personalized subject of honesty and the argument that it is the preferred human condition for taking action and communicating, in this case through reading, research, and writing. The easiest way to start your project is to think and write on a personal level.

Write from the heart

Usually, when your teacher asks you to begin writing on any particular subject, you are required to do a fair amount of research and reading before you can even begin thinking about your first draft and how it should look. But for the purposes of producing a paper on the subject of honesty you can (and should) rely on personal experience.

You can begin your investigations with a few questions that you can then try to answer – honestly – in your own words.

  • Are you honest?
  • If not, why not?

If you answered the first question in the affirmative, you could then begin penning personal thoughts on why you believe that this is a good policy to follow.

A spiritual angle

To give your paper the excellence it deserves, you can now begin adding extra information that either agrees or disagrees with your thoughts. To compensate, you will find that this process of your project is also not difficult and is indeed quite rewarding too. If you are, for example, a Christian, you could begin your reading exercises by examining what your Bible has to say about this rule of human behavior.

You have been given a gift. You have also been given a great opportunity to tell your teacher, fellow students, family and friends why you believe that ‘honesty is the best policy.'