Getting Handle on How to Write a Technical White Paper

The term technical white paper refers to an official report or document of the government. This document provides valuable information. This genre is usually used when there is an argument for a specific position or on a proposition of solution to a problem. This kind of paper has now gotten a relative increase of attention for corporations.

This paper fulfills the purpose of advocating that a particular position or a certain solution is the best direction to go in. it influences the decision making process.

The White paper is written for the general public or such companies that seek guidance or solutions to their problems. Of course the writer would be unable to know their audience personally, but this paper also is to present forwards a persuasion as well as focus on their needs. Your white paper would be read only if you address the problem of the people.

Here are a few tips and steps which you can follow to write an appropriate technical white paper

  • Don’t beat about the bush, stick to the point that you are trying to make. Do not deviate from your topic.
  • Consistently use acronyms.
  • Seize the opportunity to mention the weakness of the methods used previously. This shows that the writer has made an effort and done an in-depth study and research.
  • Make sure that the nature of your paper is very specific. State exactly what your method is , how your method works and how to conduct the experiments , state what you have found add graphs too if you have any.
  • Highlight greatly on the information or facts that are new. Make sure to make that distinction very clear.

Here is how you will construct your essay

  • Introduction
  • Provide your readers with a good idea or summary at the initial stages of your paper so your readers can quickly grasp the idea of what you are trying to communicate to them.

  • Background
  • Give a background of the information about the topic of focus related to an issue .avoid adding hidden assumptions .keep strictly to the point you are making. Make your point stand out in your reader’s perspective.

  • Solution
  • Propose a solution after explaining your topic in detail.

  • Conclusion
  • This part of the paper focuses on wrapping up the entire paper and also summarizes all the detail with more emphasis for the reader’s understanding.

  • Work Cited
  • All the work that you have used in your paper, cite them at the end of the paper.