How To Write A Profile Essay On A Person: Expert Advice

There are two basic functions in a profile essay: 1) providing a biographical sketch on a person (including behavior, appearance, accomplishments and character; and 2) bring out the uniqueness and show what it is about that person that is fascinating. Here’s some expert advice on how to write a great essay with little effort:

  • Conduct your interview:
  • Set up some key questions before interviewing someone or do some research with a goal to learn about specific things. The more you prepare beforehand the better your interview should go. Cover the basic questions first then get into some detail when asking about accomplishments, hobbies or special interests. The longer you can get a person to talk about themselves the more likely it will be for you to get some interesting information.

  • Start with a short biography:
  • Your introductory paragraph should include a short biography about your subject. This is where you put in the answers you received for your basic questions (e.g., age, gender, name, etc.). Your short bio shouldn’t exceed much more than a few lines and shouldn’t get into the details you will be focusing on in your body paragraphs. End the introduction with your subject’s unique attribute that will be the focus of your paper – consider this your thesis statement.

  • Use an inverted pyramid:
  • This technique for writing is excellent for the profile essay assignment. What you do is first provide the background information as noted above then you start with the individual attributes listing them in order of importance. There are many things of importance that could have gone on in a person’s life, so it’s up to you to make a decision about what it is you want to keep or cut out.

  • Use body paragraphs:
  • As in most other writing assignments it’s important to keep to one talking point or topic per body paragraph. This makes your profile essay easier to understand and a much more interesting read. The number of paragraphs you use will, of course, be determined by the length of paper you need to write. While your assignment may seem daunting at first you’ll find that you quickly run out of space. Keep to the most interesting topics.

  • Write a great conclusion:
  • Your conclusion should briefly summarize and synthesize the points you’ve made throughout your essay. Remember to put in a short observation of what it has meant to go through this journey of discovering your subject. Bring the reader full circle by mirroring some of the content in the introduction.