How to Write a 4 Paragraph Essay in Only 2 Hours

When students are on a deadline, they have to focus entirely on writing their paper. Any distractions have to be removed, and students should find a quiet working environment to finish their essay. If they only have two hours left to write, students should make sure to use the following tips. With the right technique, students can still turn in a high-quality essay when they only have a few hours left to write.

Deciding on the Point

The initial part of the writing process is to choose a point. Although it sounds simple, this can be one of the most difficult parts of the process. Students should first read through the prompt given to them in class. In some cases, the teacher has a specific topic for the students to write about. If the prompt allows the student to write about any topic, students should find an essay idea that they are interested in that relates to the subject.

Keep it Simple

A four paragraph essay is one of the easiest essay assignments in school. Since it is short, it does not require the extensive detail normally seen in thesis or research papers. Instead of trying to complicate the topic, students should make sure to keep their essay straightforward. Four paragraphs is not enough time to discuss the intricacies of a particular subject, so students should not waste too much time researching.

Performing Last-Minute Research

With only a few minutes to write, research should be completed within 20 minutes. Any relevant information should be jotted down with the page number and source information. As the student writes, these notes will make it easier to reference data and statistics. Quotes and ideas should always be referenced or it is considered plagiarism.

Using an Outline

Before starting the essay, students should spend a moment creating a brief outline. They should write the topic of each paragraph and make sure that the paper follows a logical order. By spending a few extra moments on the outline, students can ensure that their finished paper is logically written.

Writing the Essay

After the outline, students should begin by writing the opening paragraph. In the introduction, the topic of the essay should be brought up. Over the next several paragraphs, this topic will be explored and discussed. At the end of the essay, the conclusion should cover the issue discussed and draw the paper to a close.