Crafting Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Kids

Writing a compare and contrast essay is easy, once you know how to do it. No matter what your topic is, you can use these format ideas below to write it. If you don’t think you’re good at writing, or have always struggled with essays in class, then try not to focus on that. The more you think I suck at this, it’s going to get a bad grade, the more it will be true. Put anything aside like that and just focus on these steps. As long as you follow the right format, your essay will be a success.

Format 1

This way, your essay should be organized by each category. For example, if your essay is about comparing vacations in Tokyo and Berlin, and you need to address three aspects of each city, here’s what your essay should look like:

  • 1st paragraph: introduction
  • 2nd paragraph: comparing hotels and hotel prices in both cities
  • 3rd paragraph: comparing food and restaurants in both cities
  • 4th paragraph: comparing famous places and sightseeing in both cities
  • 5th paragraph: conclusion

Format 2

This format has less paragraphs, but your essay will probably end up being the same length. Of course, you could still divide any of these sections into multiple paragraphs, this is merely the correct order they should be in.

  • 1st paragraph: introduction
  • 2nd paragraph: talk about the hotels, food and sightseeing of Tokyo
  • 3rd paragraph: talk about the hotels, food and sightseeing of Berlin
  • 4th paragraph: conclusion

If your teacher wants a specific format, then make sure you stick to that. If you have creative liberty to choose your own format, then decide which of these two better suits your topic. If you were reading about this topic, would you want to read all about one thing first, and then all about the other thing, or would you want finer points of each thing compared on a more detailed level?

Writing a compare and contrast essay is easy if you focus on the differences and similarities between the things, people or places you’re comparing. Write thoroughly and based on your research; your teacher will be able to tell if you actually don’t know enough about it. When appropriate, quote or cite your sources about each item you’re comparing and include a reference for the source at the end. Each essay will have different instructions, and you should abide by them.