Creating A Winning Title For A Literature Essay About Macbeth

Writing an essay about Macbeth is not as easy as it is cracked up to be. Out of all of Shakespeare’s characters he is possibly one of the most iconic, and therefore, coming up with a winning title for your essay can seem akin to having your fingernails ripped out one by one. However, do not despair, there are some strategies that you can successfully deploy which should see you coming up with a title that will blow your lecturer’s mind away.

  • Themes
  • The first and possibly most important factor to consider is the theme for the whole piece. Whether you are looking to write about the central theme of the destructive power of ambition, or the sinister Lady Macbeth, you will need to come up with a title that successfully encapsulates Macbeth’s themes.

  • Capture the imagination
  • One of the most challenging aspects for anyone writing anything on Macbeth is the fact that it has all been done a million times before, therefore, the title and indeed choice of language used throughout the work is crucial. You need to think outside of the box and lift it to another level if you are going to have any chance of making an impact.

  • Try and think like your professor
  • Okay, so the fact that your professor has read a squillion essays about Macbeth in their lifetime is a given. I would suggest trying to get into their head and ask yourself honestly “If I were to pick up this up and read this title, would I want to keep reading – or would I move onto the next one” It is always hard to be subjective. However, even by simply attempting this exercise you should find yourself in a much better position.

  • Run it past your friends
  • If you can trust your non-academic friends to be honest, then I would suggest running the title as well as a few different variations past them and see what they think. Why non-academic as opposed to academic? Well, you don’t want them stealing your brilliant ideas do you?

  • Read it out loud
  • Reading it out loud is a great way of ensuring that you have captured the right mood and tone. If it sounds stilted then chances are you are going to need to tweak it in order for it to resonate. Reading it out loud can also be fun.