Where to Search for Good Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are great fun to write and they can earn you some good grades and reputation. You just need to be creative about the topics you choose and work hard on finding the most compelling arguments to support your opinion.

The best topics for argumentative papers are the ones that are seen as hot and controversial. You can even go for scandalous if you are sure that there will be enough evidence to use in the essay. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. An argumentative paper must be interesting and thrilling, but not offensive to anyone.

There are many places where you can find some good topic ideas for this kind of paper. Some of them are:

  • Parties, seminars, conferences, and other social events.

    Wherever people gather, they start discussing things they consider the most pressing at the moment. You just need to listen to these talks to pick out the hottest topics.

    You can even have a trial run for your arguments through these conversations. In essence, discussing the topic you are writing about and presenting your arguments will be like an informal paper defense.

  • Newscasts, newspapers, journals, and electronic publications.

    Any source of news can become a fountain of inspirational ideas for argumentative topics. If you are interested in some particular subject, you should focus on specialized newscasts.

  • The Internet.

    There are many articles that offer all kinds of essay topic suggestions online. You can study these lists and pick the one you find the most interesting. Be sure to change the wording of the topic, or you may be accused of plagiarism.

When searching for a topic, be sure to pick the one you are personally interested in. You will be more passionate about it and this will show in your writing.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Use the following suggestions if you cannot decide what topic to choose:

  1. Is the election process in (insert the name of the country) fair?
  2. Is capital punishment truly effective?
  3. Are marketing campaigns aimed at children harmful?
  4. At what age should people start dating?
  5. Is higher education too expensive?
  6. Do schools provide enough opportunities for children’s artistic development?
  7. Do social networks make people feel more alone?
  8. Are smartphone apps helpful or do they only make people waste time?
  9. Is television becoming obsolete?
  10. Do reality TV shows promote bad stereotypes?
  11. Should we feel guilty about killing zombies?
  12. Should children strive to meet their parents’ expectations?
  13. Is friendship between girls weaker than friendship between boys?