Legal Adult Sex Tourism

What is it that causes people to leave one country and fly to another with the sole purpose of finding sexual partners? Not all of them are single or noticeably deviant. They may have deep feelings for their significant others and want to preserve the relationship, however, they can no longer pretend to feel any desire for each other. There are many places one can go to attain legal sex from someone younger and more attractive than their spouses. While it is clearly criminal and unethical to engage in sexual congress with minors, countries with properly regulated sex industries that only feature adults can easily provide a well needed service.

For men

Men may not be able to continue feeling the same level of desire for their spouses after several decades of marriage. This is in part due to unrealistic expectations of what a woman should look like put forward by the media. As a mature adult, this is no reason to break up the family. By mutual agreement with his spouse he can agree to try something new in a safe environment with no risk of romantic involvement while releasing her to do the same.

For women

Post menopausal women have been known to experience a spike in their sex drives that men in the same age bracket have difficulty matching. As with the men before, this is no reason to end a fruitful, long term relationship nor should these new needs necessarily be ignored. The option exists to visit a sex therapist as a couple to work out some of the more long term issues but if both parties can mutually agree to the use of a ‘sexual surrogate’ much can be achieved in a short space of time.

For the commercial sex workers

As a poor person, tourism may already be a major source of income through various means. This is especially true for women who often have more difficulty accessing education and therefore high paying employment. By being part of a legal and regulated sex industry, they are able to be protected from regular STD exposure, brutalization by pimps and harassment or extortion by police officers. With these out of the way, many end up making a better living than they would have otherwise and are able to retire in relative wealth.

Sex will always be an emotive topic but the decision to sell or purchase it should be made by the parties involved without coercion or restriction from external forces.