Writing An Excellent 3-Paragraph Essay On Michael Jordan

As a rule, most essays consist of five paragraphs. They are as follows: the introduction, the three body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The three body paragraphs are there to let you explain your point of view, provide enough arguments to prove that it’s correct, render suggestions, etc., depending on the type of your project. However, you can easily do this with only three paragraphs, which will include the intro, one body part, and the conclusion.

So if you need to compose a good essay on Michael Jordan and put it into three parts, try following the plan below.

  1. Create an edifying intro.
  2. Because you will not have much space in your paper, try making each part as informative as you can. In the intro, speak about the main idea of your essay. Explain whether you are going to describe Michael Jordan’s career, life or childhood years; or perhaps whether you want to compare his career to another basketball star’s journey towards fame, etc. Let your readers know what they are going to find in your essay, but don’t be too wordy. Give informative hints, provide your thesis statement, and eventually move on towards the main part.

  3. Compose an informative body.
  4. The body is the essence of your project. In it, depending on the type of essay, you are supposed to expand on what you have already said in the intro. You can speak about the way Michael Jordan’s example has influenced your own life. You can compare his way of playing to the style of another basketball player. You can also try to persuade your readers as to why you think he is the best player ever. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have enough reliable arguments to prove your point of view. All biographic, career, and specific sports details need to be confirmed with reference literature.

  5. Write conclusions.
  6. Conclusions are supposed to have a lot in common with the intro. In the introduction, you state certain goals. In the conclusion, you show your readers how you achieved them and what results you received. So, depending on what you have been trying to prove in your paper, make sure that in the conclusion you recapitulate everything said above. In this part, be precise and avoid wordiness.

Before you submit your paper, check it twice. Make sure that there are no parts that seem to have no connection to the rest of the text. Check to make sure everything is clear for any readers that might not be familiar with the specific terms and nuances of basketball.