Interesting Essay Topics On Technology: 15 Good Suggestions

Writing on any topic can be a daunting task if you are struggling to come up with an acceptable topic. If you find yourself in this situation, and the due date for your assignment is soon, consider these fifteen interesting essay topics on technology to get your assignment started.

  1. The development of the first two way radio and how it helped to shape the course of the World Wars.

  2. The history behind the development of nuclear weapons and the science required to harness that power.

  3. Discuss the first computer and how it launched a new revolution in innovation.

  4. Important technological developments that have changed the course of human history.

  5. How the world transitioned from horse and buggy to the automobile and the impacts on travel.

  6. How airplane technology evolved from the first flight by the Wright brothers to the new hypersonic technology being designed to travel five times the speed of sound.

  7. Discuss the technology and design that airplanes must deal with when traveling above the speed of sound.

  8. Review the technology required to explore the ocean depths and how scientists cope with the pressures faced below the surface of the ocean.

  9. Look at the development of the Mars rover and how this important project has shed light on a distant planet.

  10. Write on the technology needed to travel through space and how this technology was invented.

  11. Look at the evolution of the semiconductor and how Moore’s Law has influenced both the design and use of the semiconductor in a multitude of different designs.

  12. Safety is a concern when designing an automobile, look at the different technology that has been included in an automobile’s design to make automobiles safer if they are involved in a collision.

  13. Look at the technology used in watching a movie in a theatre from the massive, high-quality sound systems to the technology used to display the movie.

  14. Look at wearable technology and how it is becoming more common in the clothing we wear.

  15. Biometric identification has become commonplace to make certain that only authorized people have access to certain technology, discuss the limitations and issues with this technology.

Any one of these fifteen good suggestions will help you complete your assignment and get on with your other work, now the only problem you will have is picking just one to use.