The 20 Best Descriptive Essay Topics For College

When you gain knowledge with love, you carry the germ through your life. When you acquire it under compulsion, you forget it at the first turn. In order to describe things in right earnest, you need to have knowledge of the former kind.

Testing the mettle

College students are often given descriptive essays to test their mettle. Here, you need to lay the whole scenario on the mat; almost like a football field. You need to place every little gesture related to the topic with precision and in a manner that it is easily construed and visualized.

Facility of perspectives

The descriptive essays offer one facility though; the facility of perspectives. You may proceed to describe any pattern or system through a perspective or angle which you find more conducive. The 2nd World War can be described even on the war-front. It can also be described from the perspective of citizen of the involved country. Needless to say, there are other options too.

The finality of essays

Descriptive essays should appear as a final word on the topic. It should not leave any loose ends and should cover the topic with authority and wholesomeness. Due research is required as is the need to scour genuine sources.

Arousing interest

Descriptive essays may tilt towards platitude, owing to its general nature. It thus depends on the writer to keep the interest going among readers. The curiosity levels have to be kept up by bringing up novel ideas here and there.

Here are 20 genuine descriptive essays for your purview

  1. 1. Describe the activities of a Luxury Hotel kitchen
  2. 2. Describe a New York-Moscow flight from the perspective of a Business Class passenger
  3. 3. Describe the patterns of modern teaching approaches
  4. 4. Describe Hawking’s theory of entropy
  5. 5. Describe the pertinent planning of a cold blooded murderer; say, Dr. Hannibal Lecter
  6. 6. Describe the intricacies of the game of cricket
  7. 7. Describe the reasons that cause Tsunami
  8. 8. Describe the atmosphere of a casino
  9. 9. Describe the integral policies of a US Democrat Government
  10. 10. Describe the making of a river bridge
  11. 11. Describe a holocaust
  12. 12. Describe in detail how bronze statues are made from scratch
  13. 13. Describe the modalities of Future trading
  14. 14. Describe the various effects that a gambler has to take note of to worthily choose winning horses
  15. 15. Describe the technicalities of a Formula 1 race
  16. 16. Describe the English involvement in 2nd World War
  17. 17. Describe the hierarchy and operability of a two-ton ship
  18. 18. Describe a 1D Live show from the view of a fan
  19. 19. Describe the manner in which a dissertation should be written
  20. 20. Describe the compass of free market economy