Top 5 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School Students

One of the main essays you will have to write in school is a comparative essay. It is also called a compare and contrast essay. You will be looking for the similarities and differences between two things. There are many things that you can write this paper on. You can compare a cat and a dog or a fish and a frog. However, since you are in middle school, you can’t just choose anything to write your paper on. You need to make sure that you write a paper on a quality topic. Here are the top topics for middle school students.

  1. 1. Compare and contrast the branches of the government
  2. 2. Write a comparison essay on characters in a book you read
  3. 3. Compare and contrast important leaders
  4. 4. Compare and contrast places you have been or want to go
  5. 5. Write a comparison essay on two movies that you saw this year

You can choose one of these topics for your paper and then follow these steps to make sure you write a successful paper that allows your reader follow along. You will want to create an outline that lists the similarities and differences. Choose the two things that you want to compare and then list the things that are similar between the two and the things that are different. For example, you can choose to compare the Judicial and the Executive branches of government. List the things that you can find the same about the two. Use complete sentences for your outline.

You will have an introduction that will give background information on both of the things that you are going to compare. Then you will present your thesis statement which is what your paper is on. This can be as simple as a statement like “there are similarities and differences between the Judicial and the Executive branches of government.

Make sure that you are using transitions to go between paragraphs and that you are identifying which of the two topics that you are writing about. It can get very confusing if you don’t properly identify which one you are talking about.

You now have the tools that you need to write a successful paper. Make sure that you take the time to proofread and edit your paper so that you don’t have any errors before you hand it in.