Top 40 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

A compare and contrast essay allows you speaking about practically everything. If you can find two items of the similar kind (two liquids, two types of food, two lifestyles, etc.), which can be compared and which have different features, you can choose them as a topic for your essay. It is very important to choose items that have numerous features in order to be able to say something about them and do effective comparison.

You can have a really informative and interesting essay if you start researching further and develop a comparison of obvious features and a comparison of the influence these features can cause, or phenomena that take place due to these features. Give attention to the role of the items you compare in the development of the humanity, different cultures, traditions, mentalities, etc. Having chosen correctly, you will have a wonderful field for further research.

Now, let’s try to compose a few dozen topics for such an essay from scratch, using items, situations and phenomena that surround us in our everyday activities through our whole life.

  1. 1. Coke or Pepsi?
  2. 2. Dogs as pets vs. cats as pets.
  3. 3. American English vs. British English.
  4. 4. Living in a city vs. living in the countryside.
  5. 5. Having a house in the woods vs. having a house on a seashore.
  6. 6. Rock music vs. classical music.
  7. 7. Chinese food vs. Mexican food.
  8. 8. Basketball vs. football.
  9. 9. Traveling to Africa vs. traveling to Australia.
  10. 10. Vegetarian food vs. meat.
  11. 11. Casual clothes vs. dressing up.
  12. 12. Ballet vs. opera.
  13. 13. Dancing vs. singing.
  14. 14. Doing sports vs. doing no sports.
  15. 15. Ink pens vs. pencils.
  16. 16. Western cartoons vs. anime.
  17. 17. Johann Sebastian Bach vs. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  18. 18. Friends vs. foes.
  19. 19. War vs. peace.
  20. 20. Doing homework vs. playing video games.
  21. 21. Poems vs. novels.
  22. 22. War and Peace vs. Crime and Punishment.
  23. 23. Jogging vs. swimming.
  24. 24. Carpentry vs. cooking.
  25. 25. Young age vs. old age.
  26. 26. The Middle Ages vs. present day.
  27. 27. Richness vs. poverty.
  28. 28. Being good vs. being greedy.
  29. 29. Loving nature vs. scattering litter.
  30. 30. Planting trees vs. cutting rainforests.
  31. 31. Rainy weather vs. sunny weather.
  32. 32. Comedy vs. tragedy.
  33. 33. Movies vs. plays.
  34. 34. Coffee vs. apple juice.
  35. 35. Happiness vs. frustration.
  36. 36. Holding hands vs. quarreling.
  37. 37. Galileo vs. Newton.
  38. 38. Watching movies vs. reading books.
  39. 39. Watching a filmed novel adaptation vs. reading it.
  40. 40. Loving vs. iating.