How to Create a Winning Topic for an Argumentative Essay

How to create a winning topic for an argumentative essay, is actually very easy. What is the hard part, is making it persuasive. But the better the topic, the easier it is to make it persuasive. So a winning topic is easier to make a winning essay. The focus here will be how to create the best topic, to help in creating the strongest Argumentative Essay.

  1. 1. Familiar subjects
  2. 2. Strongest beliefs
  3. 3. Most Knowledgeable Issues
  4. 4. Overview and Samples Topics

  • Familiar Subjects
  • A familiar subject is one the student has a good amount of knowledge on. They may not always be the most knowledgeable, but they do have a solid foundation. What this does then, is allow the student the ability to build off from their knowledge, and utilize it productively. When a person is familiar with a subject, they at least have a foundation that helps them in finding good information with. There is still a lot of research involved, but they know enough, to know where to look effectively. And they can develop much easier a better argument within the essay.

  • Strongest Beliefs
  • When a person has strong beliefs in something, they can build more powerful arguments for that belief. They find it much easier to present their emotions in their words, and become more convincing. A strong belief in a topic, is an excellent tool to use.

  • Most Knowledgeable Issues
  • An issue that the student is most knowledgeable about, is the best topic to work from. This is because they know more about the issue, and bring out more points with the researched material. Often they can bring in more personal views, and experiences, to develop a stronger argument. The more a person knows about a topic before hand, the more they can do with it, when writing the essay.

  • Overview and Sample Topics
  • The whole point here, can be boiled down, into a simple statement. ‘A person’s knowledge and Belief, are their best tools to write an Argumentative Essay.’ So use them when writing these types of essays, it will make them stronger, and the student will see more winning essays of this genre.

  • Global Warming; Pro or Con
  • Politics
  • Taxation
  • What You can Learn by Reading “*****”; insert controversial title there
  • War on Drugs; is it working, or a farce
  • Present Style of Eductation; Pro or Con