Alcoholism is a disease that is characterized by frequent taking of beverage that contain alcohol and, in most cases, dependence on this taking. Alcohol is a very addictive substance, yet it is very popular and is a common way to relax, celebrate or simply spend time in a company. People, who take alcohol one or more times a week, risk getting addicted to it in the future, causing numerous problems to their mental and physical health.

In many cases this disease is transmitted genetically. It is preserved in genes as a biochemical effect, causing the same reaction to alcohol of the person as of someone in his/her bloodline, making the person addictive even after small takings of alcoholic beverages. However, under stressing circumstances the person can obtain the drinking habit even without having such cases by anyone of the relatives. The disease can be developed if the person takes alcoholic beverages very often during a long period of time or incapability of the organism to accept the alcohol.

Alcoholism inevitably leads to changes in physical and mental well-being of an individual. Mental health suffers the first, this becomes psychologically hard for the person to cope with. Alcoholism will start to control the person's life in a very short period of time. Alcohol will quickly take under control person's emotions and actions, causing serious changes in the behavior, in most cases negative, that can seriously influence and even harm the close relatives and friends. A person can develop anger issues and even abusive behavior.

When the mental changes does not necessarily bring serious harm to the life of a person, physical damage can lead to serious health problems and even an early death. People with alcoholic dependence risk having a heart attack or heart failure at a very early age due to direct heart or blood vessels. Damage to neurological system may cause memory problems and the overall decrease of mental activity, as brain cells are destroyed very rapidly. The organ that suffers the most, is the liver. Constant taking of alcohol in most cases causes a cirrhosis, which is an instant danger to a human life.

In general, alcoholism is a very dangerous disease, which if not taken into consideration at early stages, can cause serious damage to the life of the addict himself and the people, surrounding him/her. On the other hand, curing from alcoholic dependence is a long and hard process, which has to be fully supported by the person itself to have a chance for success.