Simple Essay Topics Can Ruin Your Paper

Maybe in some cases “less is more” but when it comes to writing a paper over simplifying can be a death sentence. We say this because students who try to write a general paper, or a paper that is overly simplistic often get a lesser grade. The main reason for this is because the author has not critically examined the subject matter. The best way to avoid this is to select an essay topic that is specific and consider it carefully. Instead of using a general topic, think of something very interesting and look for evidence examples to back up your opinions. Don’t be afraid to go in depth. You will be surprised how much better your paper will end up being.

How To Choose a Specific Essay Topic

Once you have realized the value in choosing a specific essay topic the next step is to find one that will work. A good example of a simple essay versus a complex or “specific” essay subject would be an essay on assisted suicide in general or critically examining an actual case where “assisted suicide” was allowed.

By looking at an actual case, you will be able to use firsthand examples and describe the outcome instead of just speculating on hypotheticals. This makes for a way more intriguing paper that is based in fact instead of just “ideas”. This lends to creating a higher quality paper that is more mature and academic.

The best way to select a specific essay topic is to begin with a general idea and then look for a high quality example where that idea was put into application. For instance if you were to write on a controversial subject you would want to research sources where experts have examined both sides of the issue. Then, from your perspective you can select an angle for your paper.

Why Complex is Better Then Simple

Choosing an overly simplistic topic for your paper can actually ruin it! Instead, show that you have seriously looked into the subject by using precise examples. This is a strategy that strong-writers use to get good grades. Your teach will appreciate that you took the time to look a specific example in depth. It also demonstrates your ability to consider complex ideas on a critical level.

Before you sit down and write think to your self whether or not your choice topic is too general. Then, try to find a way to ad more depth by investigating an individual example.