2013 Creative Time Summit

In general terms, a summit is termed as an organized meeting between the head of states, governments and other professionals working in a similar ambient meets at a place for discussion. One of the most common examples of summit is G-20, held once in a year in an economically viable or emerging country to discuss implications and future planning of economic reactions and consequences.

Creative Time Summit (hereafter CTS) is an annual conference held most likely in the New York (NY) that brings cultural producers together that includes different critics, writers, artists and curators on a single platform. The brainchild of such a huge meeting with talented workers and think tanks is to discuss, how their works are pressing the most common and critical issues of the world, and how their works are affecting the world. Creative Time Summit is doing and repeating the same activity from the last four decades in which it commissioned and presented the most ambitious public arts and projects in front of thousands of artists throughout the New York City (NYC). There are three core values of CTS on which the entire concept of them lien upon, which are Art Matters, the voice of an artist is important in shaping the society and public spaces are made to express freely. The current CTS which were held in the year 2013 set its eyes on Arts, Place and Dislocation in the cities of the 21st century. In the light of Creative Time Summit 2013, culture plays a vital role in constructing and shaping the basics of a city, in fact the contemporary infrastructure of society based upon the culture itself. The last year’s Summit provided a global platform for the consideration of artistic practices, theories, campaign, trials and other aspects that accompanies with the same phenomenon. One of the major points discussed in the CTS 2013 was about the racial discrimination and socioeconomic barriers which emerged as gangrene in our society. How to eradicate the socioeconomic barriers and alleviating racial discrimination from the society had also discussed in the CTS 2013. It was advised in the summit to different artists and writers of New York City (NYC) to raise their voice though their sculptures, writing and arts in that huge platform to fight against these humanity monsters.

Summits like Creative Time should be arranged in a timely manner because the voice which can be raised through arts and talents cannot be raise with any other available medium.